Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blog Updates

I will be posting a link here to any new blog posts I make.

This site is not my actual blog. My actual blog is located at It's locked down pretty tight with a plug-in that requires readers to have a user name and password so you probably won't be able to see anything unless you followed my blog in the past. If you'd like to follow my blog, just click on the above link and then click on "Register."

So, "Why two blogs," you wonder.

Because my actual blog is locked down so tight, there is no way for my readers to receive a notification when I have made a new entry. My actual blog will not show up in an RSS feed. And if you're a blog reader, you rely on your RSS feed to know when you need to visit your favorite blogs.

This is my way to solve that problem. Each time I make a new blog entry, I will post a link to it here. That link WILL show up in your RSS feed.

Hope this helps!